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9 Best Plugins WordPress Pop Up Free

Here is the Best Free WordPress Popup Plugin Collection, Pop Up Plugins is a cool pop-up form, learning how we use it to build an email list of rss and social media followers. Popup plugin is a very effective tool to get visitors connected to your mailing list or just show ads, interesting, very fast […]

Plugins Popular Post For WordPress

When you are browsing and visiting some of the sites you will find a site that has a section of popular articles. That’s because every site owner wants to show some of their most popular content. If you are using CMS WordPress, I will give you an article about the 5 best popular post plugins. […]

Google Plugin For Adsense WordPress Google Advertisements

Google in early 2014 has launched the Google Publisher Plugin plug-in for blogs or websites built on the WordPress platform and runs on self-hosted in beta for WordPress users used to add AdSense ads to your WordPress website in an easier way and make verify the site with Webmaster Tools click. PLUGIN GOOGLE ADSENSE PUBLISHER […]

Best Plugins Optimization Images For WordPress

Optimizing images for your blog not only helps your WordPress site load faster, but also can improve your blog’s SEO. High-resolution images can drastically slow page speeds. To Solution it by reducing the size of the image without losing the quality of the image.   BEST PLUGINS OPTIMIZATION IMAGES FOR WORDPRESS In this article I […]

How To Publish On Confirmation Message WordPress Posts

For bloggers who use the WordPress CMS platform of course often experience this kind of thing, that is accidentally hit the “Publish” button when the writing has not really finished or require re-check before actually published, or it could be when you want to schedule or scheduling an article but instead accidentally pressing the publish […]

What And Use Plugin WordPress?

The plugin is a piece of software that contains various functions that can be added to the WordPress website. They can extend the functionality or add new features to your WordPress site. The WordPress plugin is written in PHP programming language and integrates seamlessly with WordPress. In the WordPress community, there is a saying that […]

The Best Plugins For Management Advertising In WordPress

When your blog or website has started crowded in kunjugi there is no harm in memonetize your blog so as to generate the coffers of money through advertising, If you are a blogger using WordPress, there are some plugins that you can use in management and display your ads. Try and select the most appropriate […]

5 Best Lembaga Plugins For WordPress

If you want to build an online community site or often referred to as an online lembaga site, then there will be a lot of platforms that you can use in out there. Forums are a container that you can use to gather people to discuss a variety of topics in one place, and forums […]

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