Google Plugin For Adsense WordPress Google Advertisements

Google in early 2014 has launched the Google Publisher Plugin plug-in for blogs or websites built on the WordPress platform and runs on self-hosted in beta for WordPress users used to add AdSense ads to your WordPress website in an easier way and make verify the site with Webmaster Tools click.
Given that WordPress is currently the best blogging platform and CMS is widely used, it’s no surprise that Google has decided to create a special WordPress plugin and it has been published to the official WordPress directory. The Google AdSense Plugin is currently in beta (now full). Installing and activating this plugin will save you the usual steps of copying and pasting code snippets into WordPress templates manually, but with this plugin you will find it very easy to place ads on your site.
 has launched the Google Publisher Plugin plug Google Plugin For Adsense WordPress Google Advertisements
screenshot placing ads
 In the use of this plugin, such as the screenshot above, the plus sign (+) automatically appears, the above sign as a marker where the ad will be suitable for the place, you just choose a suitable place for advertising on your WordPress theme according to the dots specified by the plugin.
The Google AdSense publisher plugin currently has a complete ad format, horizontal banner with size (728 × 90), vertical banner size (160 × 600) and rectangular banner with size (300 × 250) and all sizes and ad formats available on the Google AdSense page, as well as for mobile version ads.
In addition with this plugin you can easily connect with Google Webmaster tools, because it is integrated in the settings as well.

For those of you who are currently running the Google AdSense kegiatan and run on WordPress website or blog, you can try the official output plugin from google this, and can share here about the advantages and disadvantages of this plugins. Good luck and hopefully this article useful
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