How To Publish On Confirmation Message WordPress Posts

For bloggers who use the WordPress CMS platform of course often experience this kind of thing, that is accidentally hit the “Publish” button when the writing has not really finished or require re-check before actually published, or it could be when you want to schedule or scheduling an article but instead accidentally pressing the publish button that results in pre-published posts. In WordPress is already equipped with the “Draft” button to save writing temporarily before publishing, with this Draft feature you can continue your writing at a later time. But even if there is a “Draft” button we may still experience errors that accidentally hit the “Publish” button. This often happens to me myself and even the most experienced blogger also accidentally hit the “Publish” button before the time.

To minimize the error, In this article I will show you how to avoid publishing an article error in WordPress by creating a confirmation message before the article is published. Here I will share two ways: using plugins and manuals.


Publish confirmation messages are a simple feature but will be very useful for your blog. This is actually a confirmation message that appears when you press the “Publish” button displayed in the form of a pop-up message asking “Are you sure you want to publish the article now?”, And you will be given two choices to choose Yes or No. This simple feature is an easy way to resolve writing errors and article publishing errors on your blog.

Here are some positive benefits when you apply this to your WordPress site:

This feature can stop the unintentional article publication.

This feature will be very useful when you have multiple authors on your site because each author may not be as studied as other writers.

This feature can prevent automatic email and article updates to social media. Many bloggers are integrating social media and their email campaigns with WordPress. So, whenever there’s a new post, your social media will automatically update, of course this will be very detrimental to you when an article that has not been perfectly spread.

Adding this feature will not affect the usability or performance of your site. This is just an extra click before publishing a new post.

Those are some of the positive benefits that you will get when using this way, but this is not necessary for you to add a publish confirmation message on your blog. For example, if you run a blog with a single author and you never have trouble with unintentional article publication, you may be safe. However, this feature is highly recommended for WordPress sites with many authors, to minimize risk.


For bloggers who use the WordPress CMS platform of course often experience this kind of th HOW TO PUBLISH ON CONFIRMATION MESSAGE WORDPRESS POSTS
Publish Confirm

Using the Publish Confirm plugin is the easiest way to enable confirmation messages for WordPress. This plugin works well on posts, pages, and even custom post types. And the interesting thing is that the message will automatically stop appearing after you actually publish the post, so you do not need to see this pop up message appear when updating your article.You can also easily modify the contents of the message to your liking and even you can also tweaked some lines of code if you are familiar with coding because this plugin has no settings at all, so when you enable this plugin then plugin will automatically work.


Confirm Publish Code

For this second way it is a bit more complicated and recommended for WordPress users who are familiar with the code. How to please copy the code below and paste the file functions.php in your WordPress theme or on your Child Themes. after that save and try to make a new post, and try press publish it will pop up message with the words “Are You Sure Want to Publish this article?”.

Those are two ways you can create a confirmation message before a published article. You can choose the one that you think is suitable and easy to apply. Hopefully this article useful for you and good luck.

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