Mail App Is Missing On Redmi V Phone

 Almost every Android band has stock e-mail app preinstalled Mail app is missing on Redmi v phone

Almost every Android band has stock e-mail app preinstalled. Same is the representative amongst Mi phones I had previously used- Redmi ii Prime, Redmi Note three as well as Redmi Note 4. The default Mi Mail App is pretty decent as well as I had used it extensively both for move as well as personal emails. But inwards the recent Mi Redmi v band purchase, I was surprised non to uncovering the stock Mi Mail app preinstalled. As per Mi forums, the Mail app is also missing on other Mi phones every bit well. In this post, nosotros shall come across how to instruct out the Mi Mail App if you lot desire as well as also come across other alternatives.

If you lot are i of those who role mails on Android phone, in that place are diverse options. There are several e-mail apps on Google Play that you lot tin download as well as role amongst close whatever e-mail provider.
However, it you lot desire the Mi Mail app, you lot tin instruct out the Mi Mail app APK here:
Click on the higher upwards link to download the Mi Mail App.
If you lot accept roughly other Mi band on which Mi Mail app is installed, thence you lot tin also export the APK of the Mi Mail as well as install it on the novel phone. To extract as well as export the APK from the quondam phone, you lot tin uncovering as well as install whatever app part app from Google Play. From inside the app part app, you lot tin export the APK via Bluetooth to the novel phone.

In i of the Mi Forums, it was mentioned that Mi Mail may move acquaint but it may move disabled past times default. This is weird every bit in that place is no argue why a postal service app should move disabled past times default. Anyways, I checked on Redmi v but did non uncovering Mail app at all.

In representative you lot desire to banking company fit as well as confirm, you lot tin produce the following:

1) Go the the settings
2) Scroll to “installed apps” as well as tap on it
3) In the apps list, scroll downward or search for the Mail app (just type “mail” as well as search)

4) If you lot tin uncovering the Mail app as well as if in that place is a cherry icon side past times side to the Mail app name, it is disabled.
4) Click on the app as well as scroll downward the shroud as well as tap on “enable” option.
5) If the Mail app is flora as well as you lot were able to enable it, it should forthwith move visible on your phone.

Other Mail alternatives:
  • Gmail app which is preinstalled on Android band tin also move used to setup other emails also.
  • Microsoft Outlook app for Android is also a decent postal service app I found.
There are several postal service apps on Google Play that may also produce the job.

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