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When you are browsing and visiting some of the sites you will find a site that has a section of popular articles. That’s because every site owner wants to show some of their most popular content. If you are using CMS WordPress, I will give you an article about the 5 best popular post plugins.
 When you are browsing and visiting some of the sites you will find a site that has a sect PLUGINS POPULAR POST FOR WORDPRESS
WordPress Popular Posts is probably the most popular of all popular Post plugins. It has been downloaded 720,825 times (at the time of writing this article). It comes with a popular widget post that you can add on different widget areas of your site.
This widget comes with various options to customize the look of popular posts. You can choose time range, post type, category, author, etc. You can also choose to display post thumbnails and choose thumbnail size. You can also display the most popular posts on your site by day, week, month, or at any time using this popular post WordPress. To view stats from popular posts, Click under Settings -> WordPress Popular Post.
Top 10 popular post plugins for WordPress are plugins that I often use on some of my web for popular posts. There are many features available on WordPress Popular Posts plguins. Top 10 is also equipped with a widget that can be configured to be added to the sidebar to display your best posts. Although the name of your Top 10 plugin can display fewer than 10 popular posts. You can also select a popular post date range to display. You can display post views, authors, quotes and post thumbnails.
top10-settings wordpressOn the plugin settings page, you will find many other options for configuring this plugin. The settings page is divided into four sections for Global Option, Output Option, and custom css. You can select categories, default thumbnail size, including content, etc.
Most Popular is a WordPress plugin that indexes displayed the most popular posts using the nrelate server itself. Some other popular post plugin WordPress uses server resources to store and display popular post data, This can slow down your site. nrelate Most Popular presents and displays your popular data posts from their servers.
nrelate most popular settings Plugins is one of the most feature rich to display popular posts on your WordPress site. Supports thumbnails, quotes, time ranges, custom post types, etc.
You can also filter out content that you do not want to display in popular posts. After you setup the plugin, you should wait at least two hours to index your site and start displaying popular posts.
Popularity Posts Widget is a simple popular post plugin. Unlike the two in the plugin list above, Popularity Posts Widget does not come with a custom settings page. It has fewer options and powerful widgets. Simply drag and drop widgets to configure settings.
Popularity posts widget You can choose the number of popular posts you want to show, select a time range, show post view and commentar count, etc. Popularity Posts Widget comes with category filters, which allows you to filter posts from certain categories. You can also display thumbnail posts and choose a size for thumbnails.
As the name implies, Popular Widget provides widgets for displaying the most popular content. However, the name does not do justice to this awesome plugin.  It not only displays the most popular posts, it can also show some commenting, recent posts, recent comments, and tags in nice tabber. This plugin allows you to do almost all other popular post plugins do. Widget settings are divided into different sections. You can configure each of them to meet your needs.

this powerful wordpress widget preview widget allows you to choose whether you want to display the most popular posts by views or visit. You can also filter custom categories and taxonomies. It also supports custom post types and thumbnails. The standard CSS already handles the screen quite adequately.
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