The Best Plugins For Management Advertising In WordPress

When your blog or website has started crowded in kunjugi there is no harm in memonetize your blog so as to generate the coffers of money through advertising, If you are a blogger using WordPress, there are some plugins that you can use in management and display your ads. Try and select the most appropriate for your blog.
 When your blog or website has started crowded in kunjugi there is no harm in memonetize y The Best Plugins For Management Advertising In WordPress
Ad Manager Plugins
Ad Injection is a plugin for bloggers displaying all sorts of ads or other content (eg Google AdSense, Amazon Associates, ClickBank, TradeDoubler, etc.) into existing post content in your WordPress. You can control the number of ads by post length, and may limit who sees ads by age, visitor referrer and IP address. Ads can be configured in posts (random, up, and down position) or in the widget / sidebar area. There is support for A: B test / ad rotation splits. And dynamic restrictions (with IPs and referrers) work well with WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache and WP Cache.
Download Ad Injection
Wp-Insert is a nice plugin as well and easy to use this plugin in ad management. Wp-Insert can manage ads, google analytics or other tracking scripts, legal stuff and even make editing themes or writing code in content easier for you. Some Ads Network Support: You can now run ad-network along with adsense or other ad networks without breaking with each other’s terms. This plugin supports upto 3 different ad networks simultaneously. Running Adsense ads along with yahoo, Adbrite, Chitika or any other ad network without interrupting the terms of each network.
WP125 is a simple solution for your website or blog to serve a 125 × 125 pixel ad. Wp125 offers a simple interface for you to upload ads on your site. The settings page allows you to set the number of ad slots, columns. An ad sales page is a page with information for advertisers about how they can advertise on your site, pricing and statistics. You can create pages in WordPress, write good sales letters and links from your default ad images.
Download WP125
Adrotate is a powerful WordPress Plugins for managing and advertising on your website. Adrotate comes in two flavors, the basic version is available for free to download from the WordPress Plugin repository. The basic version is good enough to run and serve ads. However, the pro version has more advanced features. Adrotate allows you to create ad groups and blocks to manage your inventory. It also allows advertisers to submit their creative ads to you approved. Adrotate Has a reporting page where you can see the performance of each ad.
Advance Ads
Advance Ads is a free WordPress plugin for bloggers to manage ads on websites. Although named simple or simple, this plugin is very good and many options. Advance Ads comes with a unique feature called flexible logic that rotates ads by weight. It can be used for your own ads, third party ads or using Google DFP. This plugin also provides a button in the post editor so you can insert ads in posts and pages.
Download Advance Ads
If you only show ads for Google andsense, you can try using Google Publisher Plugins.
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