Unable To Re-Create Or Transfer Files Using Es File Explorer ? – Encounter This Present On Mi Redmi Five Telephone On The Latest Miui 9.6 Stable Version.

File Copy Transfers Using ES FILE EXPLORER – Demo on Mi Redmi five Phone on the latest MIUI 9.6 Stable version.

Here inward this exam using Mi Redmi five (MIUI 9.6), at that spot was no bespeak to enable DOCUMENTS app nether INSTALLED APPS. In fact, DOCUMENTS app was non flora at “SETTINGS – INSTALLED APPS”.

In the previous video (link below), at that spot was a bespeak to enable “DOCUMENTS” nether “SETTINGS – INSTALLED APPS” spell using ES FILE EXPLORER to transfer files.

Resolved -File transfer trial to SD-CARD on MI Phones using ES FILE EXPLORER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0w3kZm3XA4

Refer previous weblog post: Resolved: Unable to transfer or re-create files to SD Card trial on MI telephone using ES File explorer

How to discovery in addition to enable DOCUMENTS inward Mi Phones

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