What And Use Plugin WordPress?

The plugin is a piece of software that contains various functions that can be added to the WordPress website. They can extend the functionality or add new features to your WordPress site. The WordPress plugin is written in PHP programming language and integrates seamlessly with WordPress. In the WordPress community, there is a saying that says: “there is a plugin for it”. They make it easy for users to add features to their website without knowing a single line of code.

The plugin is a piece of software that contains various functions that can be added to the WHAT AND USE PLUGIN WORDPRESS?
WordPress Plugins

As I write this article, the plugin in WordPress’s official directory or library has 46,946 more plugins available for free for download by WordPress users and has been downloaded 1.5 Billion times. At Centerklik much writes about all the best WordPress plugins that you can use to build a powerful wordpress site. I have even shared a list of suggested plugins for you to use. In addition to free plugins, there are many amazing commercial or pro plugins available from third party companies and developers.

As a site administrator, you can install / uninstall plugins from the admin dashboard. You can also download and install manually using the FTP client software. And one of the main advantages of using a self-hosted version of WordPress is the ability to upload, install and use plugins on your WordPress site.
Since most of the plugins are free (free), it’s important to note that plugins usually do not come with technical support. For this reason, it is important to be careful when choosing which plugin should you want to install on your site. Although there are plugins that can perform almost any function, but still there are some qualities that are much higher than that. In order to choose the right one, you should ask yourself a few questions. Are the plugins updated? Is it compatible with the latest version of WordPress? Do people get answers to their support / support questions? What is the rating of the plugins? and many more.

There is a myth that WordPress plugins slow down your site speed. This is not true. Just a bad amount and plugins with hasty coding that will slow down your site.

Why would you want to pay for a plugin? Well, there are several reasons below that you need to refer to.
Although there are tens of thousands of plugins available for free from the Plugins directory, paid plugins usually offer full support staff and developers will also always maintain the security and compatibility of plugins with the latest versions of WordPress as well as with other themes and plugins.
Most of the time, plugins play well with the core of WordPress and with other plugins, but sometimes plugin code does not work with other plugins seamlessly or even not at all running which will cause compatibility issues. With paid or pro plugins, you can easily request help from support staff to help you solve the problem.
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