WordPress Plugin Development

We do not need to learn about the code of the kegiatan to be able to create plugins, Because it is available a lot of plugins that have functions related to the interests of our blog on the internet.
But there is no harm if you want to make to make plug-in wordpress is very easy. But it is easy here depending on the capability of the plug in. If only for a simple function such as adding content on the front page is still easy and workable.

We do not need to learn about the code of the kegiatan to be able to create plugins WORDPRESS PLUGIN DEVELOPMENT

The knowledge needed in creating plugins is :
Basic PHP capabilities
Knowledge of wordpress includes folders and filenames
Knowledge of HTML
From the three basic knowledge you can make plug in WordPress in accordance with the needs that you can later develop in line with the amount of your knowledge about the functions of wordpress and PHP.

As a WordPress note it is like a framework that has many classes and certain functions to facilitate the development of plug-ins or templates. We just need to use the function and class to build plug in. So it can be said the development of a kegiatan using WordPress can be much more fun and faster than making the kegiatan from scratch.
The most important thing is we have to follow the rules that have been determined by WordPress Developer. Its rules are the coding standard and the name of the function you created

Well let’s try to make plug-ins. This article will I share into some parts, then you can follow the continuation of this article in the next post. In this article we will only discuss How to make the most basic plug in

Prepare the text editor of your choice, if I use notepad ++. This is my favorite text editor, you can use any text editor.

Then write a command like this.

? php/ **
* Plugin Name: Your Plug-In Name
* URI plugin: http://blog.freshwebdev.com/plugin-name
* Description: A brief description of your plugin
Version: 0.01
* Author: Bimo Hery Prabowo
* Author URI: http://blog.freshwebdev.com/
* License: GPL12
* /

Then save the file with the name index.php. Save the index.php file into the / wp-content / plugins / mypluginfolder folder

For the record you should create a folder for the plug-in. So every plugin should have its own folder. In this example I created mypluginfolder folder. I will put all the required files plug in into the folder including index.php

After that you can activate plug in via WordPress dashboard like you install plug-ins as usual. Congratulations you can make a simple login, now just add some functions to suit your needs.

The simplest example is we will add a text or string after the article. How to use the command line or code below

function my_plugin_add_content ($ content) {
$ custom_content = ‘Added text here’;
$ custom_content. = $ content;
return $ custom_content;
add_filter (‘the_content’, ‘my_plugin_add_content’);

Then save, and see the result Is there any additional text after your article.

You can learn about wordpress plugin developers on the following video

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